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What We Do

Our Core Services

AEI Information Services

We provide services from education to complete turnkey systems and maintenance. ATBD Inc. with our many years of AEI experience will take time to identify and evaluate customer requirements and select the appropriate equipment or solution to meet our customer needs.


M2 GPS AEI Monitoring & Maintenance implements GPS solutions and integrates location information along with impact incidents, over speed, activity, and asset utilization data into our web based monitoring tools.


ATBD offers many products to facilitate the efficient operation and data acquisition that support daily railroad and plant processes. Over the years our customers have asked us to provide them with additional products and services which include DTMF Controlled Switch Machines and D-Rails, Solar Powered DTMF Remote Switch Machines, Hot Box Detectors, Dragging Equipment Detectors, Industrial Crossing Applications, Video Inspection and Documentation, and Yard Inventory Data Acquisition systems. ATBD is very well positioned to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

New Offering


SPOTTER is a data receiver of AEI data as reported by an AEI system or any AAR approved way side device meeting AAR data formatting standards. Records are collated and presented to the customer with a selection of sorting options including the ability to track and trace equipment within your database.

  • Customer internet based access to data reported by your AEI system/s
  • Database access to historical events and records
  • Investigate or interrogate all of your AEI systems in one place
  • Export data for internal use with employees or with customers