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ATBD Inc. is pleased to offer the American Short Line Railroads and their Railroad Customers the following Automatic Equipment Identification products and services:


  • Introduction to history of AEI development and standards.
  • Similarities and differences of manufacturer’s software and hardware.
  • Equipment, software, hardware, and vendor selection.
  • Site selection survey services


  • Site to host functions, communication protocol, and connecting road sharing.
  • AEI database structure and access programs.
  • AEI tag programming.
  • Handheld AEI tag readers for tag health and rail inventory.


  • Site location equipment placement for optimum performance.
  • Front end processing of AEI data and “off the shelf” solutions.
  • Power and communication requirements and performance.
  • PC to AEI site system configuration and software.
  • Site selection documentation and survey.
  • Development of short and long term AEI implementation strategies.


  • Proven and recommended AEI site installation practices and configurations.
  • AEI site programmed/preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Maintainer training and basic troubleshooting.
  • Project management and scheduling.
  • Turnkey system installation.
  • Host system interface


  • Class I railroad and connecting road interface to exploit foreign equipment.
  • Site placement to support Host Operating Software applications.
  • Web access to raw AEI data

Maintenance & Support

  • Installation training and qualified supervision.
  • AEI data quality and system health monitoring software.
  • Site inventory configuration management and parameter database.
  • AEI system health monitoring, and web based management reports.
  • AEI repair, relocate, upgrade, and disaster recovery.

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