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AEI Site Components & Manufacturers


Axle counting system and wheel detector.  For details and information contact Tiefenbach at http://pintschtiefenbach.us.com/

Z Epic

Manufactured by Zukinut Enterprises LLC.  THe ZEPIC III comes in a range of frequencies and features self tuning.  For more information on this presence detection device, contact Zukinut at http://www.zukinut.com/zepic1006.html.

National Railway Supplies, Battery Chargers

Almost all AEI systems are 24V and use a step down battery charger to maintain power.  The most common device is available from National Railway Supplies at http://www.natrail.com/

PTMW, AEI Building Manufacturer

Wayside buildings are available in many shapes, sizes, and materials.  PTMW has been in this aspect of the business for many years and has manufactured buildings in steel and aluminum for all Class I roads.  For additional information on the complete line of PTMW buildings contact PTMW at http://www.ptmw.com/.

L&W, AEI Building Manufacturer

For over thirty years, L&W has fabricated buildings and equipment for the rail industry.  L&W’s line of AEI wired and ready to go buildings are deployed within the Class I railroads and Short Lines.  L&W can be contacted at http://www.lwind.com/contact.htm.

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